Planner Reporting Beta Release

Planner Reporting is in officially in Beta, and submitted to App Source for certification and publication. This is the Power BI front end, the back end, the Data Stage, will be a separate install.

This is increment 9 of development, most of the changes are aimed at producing a suitable architecture for deployment. To this end the connection to the DataFlow is now established using a Power BI login with the WorkSpace and WorkFlow supplied as parameters. This will facilitate quicker and simpler setup. The App has been configured for the Power BI Mobile App as well as the desktop.

There is a demonstration of the App on YouTube and there is a new Planner Reporting Website for information, downloads and support.

Changes to the Data Stage mean that data is extracted for all the plans of a master user, specified as a parameter to the DataFlow, a user reporting hierarchy is also available in the users table.

There are two levels of filters, the date filters, which have some quick options on the home page and dimensional filters for Groups,Plans, Buckets etc. The demonstration suggests combining the filters and saving them as personal bookmarks. So that, for example, a manager can have a bookmark 'My Team' for their own team members. All filters are global and effect all pages and visuals.

Template Apps in App source are constrained to one pbix report and one dashboard, so it is envisaged that the App would be downloaded and then either the dowloaded workspace configured, or a secondary workspace used to access the PowerBI Dataset of the template workspace.

After downloading the App, you can view the dummy data to try it out and then connect to yout own dataflow. Paradigm BI can help you with the data flow if you need help. The Dataflow scripts will be available shortly, there will be another blog post for that.

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