Planner Reporting Update 2.1

This is an update for existing Planner Reporting 2.0 Users. If you are a new user don't worry about it. You will get the updated version when you install the Data Stage. This update fixes two problems, the calendar date needs to be updated for the new year and the user manager functionality wasn't working since the V2 upgrade. The video for this update is on YouTube.

The date update is a simple change to the Calendar table dataflow, The Calendar is generated in the workflow and you need to update the code in the Advanced editor to update the EndDate. Here is a code sample:

  StartDate = Date.FromText("2021-01-01"),
  EndDate = Date.FromText("2022-12-31"),
  Count = Duration.Days(EndDate-StartDate)+1, ...

I've just made the end date December 2022, this is the first item in the video and is a simple change.

The change to User Manager is a little more complex, if you're not using this functionality you don't need to update. I think finding user managers is useful, but no-one has comlained that this is broken, so I guess this might not be a common or well-understood view. Planner eporting has the ability to build a management structure uo to three layesr deep. Managers are assigned in the Office 365 Administration screen.

The update for this is detailed in the video and you will need to download the Deploy Script 2.1 

Delete the API from API Management:

Then delete all the resources in the resource group, except for API Manageremt.

We do this so that you can just reinstall the script AzureDeploy.json to fix the User Management problem while retaining the same URL for the API. If you delete the API you will need to use a new name, which will change the URL, so be wary of that. You also need to reauthorize all the connections. This is demonstrated  in the second part of the video.

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