Passive Business Intelligence

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness — George Santayana
Insights are interesting but results are what causes growth, efficiency and positive workplace culture, so passivity is Modern BI’s major weakness. It requires a user to manually implement actions which could otherwise be automated or prompted through the BI process.


Passive Business Intelligence — Value Chain

The Passive Business Intelligence value chain has an inherent weakness in the Manual Process.

Business Intelligence derives its actionable insights from the business process. The user then takes the insights and manually takes action in an ad-hoc fashion to change business processes.

Passive Business Intelligence — Business Process

This is inefficient and requires a digital transformation to enable the actions needed to implement BI insights within the business process. This is potentially costly, time-intensive and confusing for staff.

The inefficiencies embodied by this process include:

  • not knowing if an insight has been actioned
  • how that insight was used
  • ultimately whether the action that was taken was appropriate

The manual steps may include:

  • Sending an Email
  • Sending a message via the phone
  • Creating a task
  • Adding a row to a spreadsheet
  • Using another system

These actions may be arbitrary and challenging to audit.
The good news is that that we can fix this with Active Business Intelligence.

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