ParaHtml PowerBI Custom Visual Version 1.0.1 SVG Upgrade

This update allows you to use an SVG as the source for your visual. You can download an SVG or create one with your favourite SVG editor. The SVG should size nicely into any size frame, there's a sample in the HTML folder of the ParaHtml Repository

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The visual will replace the first 'text' element with the formatted measure content. To make a text element to be first just edit the SVG and move it right to the back or just move it to the top with an editor. To get the visual to display you will need a measure, even if you don't use it, so set one in the settings pane. If you want your SVG to resize, make sure it has no height and width in the SVG header. You can open your SVG in Notepad++ or Visual Code and have a look. This means that there are now two options for SVG, you can either embed it in HTML or provide the SVG directly. Refer to the initial guidance on how to host your HTML or SVG file.

Download the updated visual from parahtml.1.0.1.pbiviz

I've been trying out for creating small HTML files, try it out and give them your support.

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