Planner API And Power BI

Planner is a good, cheap and effective planning tool, but it is weak in its reporting offering. Planner Reporting remedies that and produces reports in your favourite formats. 

Planner Reporting for Power BI is a framework that is relatively simple to install and immediately delivers benefits of quick, no fuss project reporting of your Planner projects. We can create reports using Power BI, Power BI Paginated or Excel. Pre-configured reports are available and can be tailored to your needs. For existing Power BI customers, implementation costs are minimal. Connecting to the new Goals functionality in Power BI enables a modern Scorecard across your projects. 

Building on our work with Planner and Power BI we now have a full walkthrough on YouTube In this walkthrough we go from creating Azure Logic Apps to creating a Planner Power BI report, with examples and scripts. This is fairly long, but it covers Azure Logic Apps, API Management, DataFlows, DataSets, Power BI reporting, Paginated reports, and finally connecting Excel to Planner. 

The scripts are available in GitHub. If you are not GitHub user, just downloading a zip is the easiest way to get the files.

Our aim was to create a Planner App in Power BI, this is what we came up with:

This is a fairly simple App with the new Goal Scorecard, a Dashboard, of which you can see a single tile, two reports and a paginated report, and a link to Planner itself for updates. You can also use Analyse in Excel, but we haven't been able to make that work in the App for technical reasons. Downloads are available on the download page.

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