Paradigm BI Downloads

These are the latest downloads for Paradigm BI Custom Visuals. They are here on our Blog Engine blog as this is the easiest place to keep everything up to date. 

These visuals are now available in AppSource:

Adaptive Cards for Power BI

 These visuals are all open source and as we publish the latest version is available in a repository at ParadigmBI on GitHub

I have cleaned up this list, older versions are available in the MikeAinOz Repository

Visual Description Download Repository
Page Star PageStar enables your report users to score report pages pagestar.1.0.1.
Starability Starability enables people to vote for their favourite star player, product, idea or whatever starability.1.0.3
 ParaTrim  PowerBI Visual Frequency filter for highlighting outliers in a dataset paratrim.2.0.0

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