Paginated Reports for Planner Reporting

We have released two paginated reports for our Planner Reporting solution. They are available for download here and a video on how to deploy a report is available here.

There a two reports, one for Workload Tasks by Person and the other for Workload Tasks by Bucket. They are formatted for printing on Letter size paper and should also render without issue on A4 size paper. Both reports offer basic selection criteria. Prerequisites for deployment are Power BI Report Builder and a Power BI Premium Workspace. You can download Power BI Report Builder from the Microsoft download site. We have been using the Power BI Premium Per User (PPU) License for testing and it is suitable for production deployments. Be aware that if you have a Power BI Pro license, the PPU license includes a Pro license, so remove your Pro license before you allocate the PPU license. In order to view a paginated report the viewer will also need a PPU license or the report will need to be deployed to a Power BI Premium instance. We have used a separate PPU workspace to deploy reports, so that other users without PPU can continue to use the Planner Reporting App with only a Pro license.

The paginated reports are designed with a view to being downloaded to PDF or Word, so that they can be annotated and used as discussion documents, or you can just print and write on them the old-fashioned way. Using the reports does not require any specific training and this reporting solution is suitable for managers who may not be familiar with Power BI.

Deploying the reports is a simple process demonstrated in the video. Download and  unzip the reports, open each report in Power BI Builder and attach to your Planner Reporting dataset, save and then publish to your premium workspace. If you have feedback or questions please get in touch.

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